Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Willy Longbeard

Outer View

By Old Willy Longbeard

I just doesn’t understand how come when you are following behind a car with all the new fangled pollution control-stuff on it, that it stinks worse than the cars that don’t have that new stuff. That don’t make no sense. Gollee, it is putrid.

Did you ever notice that when some politicians get elected that within a few months they grow bigger and bigger? Must be that all that tax-payer paid-food is fattening! I notice that even the reporters that hang out with fat politicians soon get way bigger too!

I got me another question too. How come you have to wait and wait to get an MRI scan with BC Health, but you can go down the street and get one almost right away in a private clinic? What gives with that? The government seems to have a hard time sailing big ships like Health Care efficiently.

Speaking of big ships, whatever happened to that BC Ferry sinking in March of ’06? No doubt the ship ran smack into an island and was worth hundreds of millions of dollars and two people died when it sank in less than an hour, but I never heard much from the people that were on the bridge at the time. They just clammed up about the whole thing. Sure BC Ferries fired them, but I thinks they should have to come clean and ‘fess up to what really happened. How did we get ourselves into a world where no one is accountable no more, especially in a big thing like that?

Tell me what happened in the US! They borrowed billions of dollars, even trillions, to fix the financial mess and it is still a mess, only now the country is in much bigger debt for generations to come.

The banks that were “too big” to let fail have grown bigger than they were before this whole fiasco began. That don’t seem right.

Do you think some people robbed the US citizens?

‘Til next time. Farewell.

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