Thursday, December 10, 2009

Canadian Border Services

When you leave Canada, even for a few hours, do you feel like your are being welcomed home by a fellow Canadian or do feel more like you are being challenged by a cold, unhappy, impersonal prison guard masquerading as a Border Officer?

It seems like only a very few of the border personnel treat you with decent respect and a modicum of sincere pleasantness. God bless those few. This rebuke does not belong to them. Somehow they have managed to avoid the poison emanated by their peers.

Many of the border personnel seemed to have picked up a very complacentalong with a “we’re a better people than you”attitude that is most common in federal unions such as the one encompassing many of the inside workers at the post office.

They have developed a fine art of being invective without actually using invective words.

It is almost as if they are reluctantly going through the motions of their high-paying jobs while silently thinking, “Just send me my money; meanwhile I will make people feel as small as I can.”

More and more it seems like some of them are just thugs with jobs.

Again, sorry to the ones who are fair-minded and respectable towards their fellow citizens.

To the other whip-masters, keep treating the people the way you do and reactions such as this are bound to become common. So far in this “peaceful nation” reactions are restricted to just words, but violent revolts have stemmed from frequent belittlement before.

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