Friday, December 18, 2009

Outer View

By Old Willy Longbeard

There are gangs everywhere. Too many gangs.

The first gang is the police gang. I say that gang first because they got the most guns. The guys with the most guns are powerful gangs. The police gangs are sort of the good guys, except the good guys aren’t in charge of them.

The guys in charge of them are the political gangs. The political gangs say they don’t like guns and that people shouldn’t have them. But the politicals have gun-carrying policemen surrounding them wherever they go. They get other people to do their work for them.

Another big gang is the lawyer gang. Only special people belong to the lawyer gang. If you aren’t part of their gang then you can’t play. They are very territorial, like most gangs are.

Then there is the judge’s gang, but they are really part of that same lawyer gang. They have special status.

The lawyer gang makes all the rules everywhere.

Of course there are the street gangs and biker gangs. One thing I notice is that the street and biker gangs don’t bother the police, political and lawyer gangs none. It is in their best interest not to do that. They sort of have a silent understanding.

There are lots of other powerful gangs too. There are big union gangs who aren’t immune to causing some thuggery and extortion. There are aboriginal and minority gangs who hide under the disguise of rights and get the political gangs to give them lots of money. There are even artist gangs who get the political gang to tax people and then turn over to them the “free” money. Because the money is free and unearned they have license to produce junk that everyone else is forced to look at. The political gang calls it culture. Common sense people call it welfare excrement that would never survive without the stolen handouts that the political gangs give out.

And there are inspector gangs, and gangs that feed off government contracts, prison guard gangs, border agent gangs, environmental officer gangs, government-fee gangs, carbon tax gangs, and bureaucratic gangs.

I just got real tired of gangs.

'Til next time. Farewell.

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