Thursday, December 31, 2009

When We Were Free

Modern governments spend millions and billions to combat ’”terrorism”, even tough terrorism is not an enemy with a face, but rather a state of imposed atmosphere. Despite the spending of huge resources, terrorism still thrives.

Though the governments assure us continually of how they are taking care of the public, in the last three US sky-attempts to inflict carnage upon the population, private citizens taking individual action, without rules, have stopped the intended result. It was not the government.

United Flight 93, ordained to fly into the White-House, the shoe-bomber and the latest flight over Detroit were all stopped from completing their evil mission by individual citizens who basically said, “No! This shall not happen,” and took successful action with their own hands and determination to thwart the intended outcome.

How wonderful it is to be able to live free and do what is right, rather than to live “securely” like mini-scardies herded like cattle and subject to no end of very questionable, expensive, and often dehumanizing, “safety-restrictions” that are full of holes.