Thursday, December 3, 2009

You Figure

Recently, while I was on an airplane in the US, there was a man sitting ten rows ahead of me wearing a turban.

My mind had thoughts about how archaic that religious practise was. Also, I remembered how indignant and even hostile Sikhs became if it was removed by any force. How sad to be in that state of bondage, I thought.

Such were the first immediate thoughts. They were followed by thoughts of, “Oh well. To each his own. Tolerance and acceptance and all that. It doesn’t bother me. Though turbans do take up a lot of air space making visibility a bit hard. I suppose that is the only real negative.”

That whole series of thoughts passed through my mind in perhaps ten seconds. I paid no more attention; they were just the normal passing of thoughts that race through a mind while a person goes about their day.

Hours later in the Spokane airport, just as I was leaving, I noticed the man again. He was sitting on a bench near the airport exit waiting for a taxi. He took off his turban, put it in his suitcase and replaced it with a baseball cap.

So much for religious dogma.

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