Sunday, January 10, 2010


Many people are fed-up with governments and their ineffective and extremely expensive “safe ways” of dealing with potential major attacks against the public. Government bureaucracies have belittled and overburdened the people enough with fruitless, time consuming searches. The public cry shouts out: “Stop being so politically correct and start grabbing the people most likely to cause harm. Racial profiling be damned.”

David Frum, a commentator on Market Place, offered these comments: “There are two ways to do aviation security: either look for bombs or look for terrorists. Looking for terrorists is easier. Out of 100 passengers, there can be at most 100 terrorists. But among them, these hundred passengers offer thousands of possibilities for secreting a bomb.

“And every time federal authorities are embarrassed by their failure to intercept a known terrorist suspect, they compensate by hunting ever more furiously for hidden bombs.

“It's expensive. It's dumb. And it's bad security. But it's the line of bureaucratic and political least resistance. No tangling with civil liberties groups. No complaints from anti-discrimination lawyers.

“So who dares say that all those hard-working men and women in the screening lines are looking for the wrong thing, in the wrong way?”

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