Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sad Waste

One can be sad about the four policemen who were slaughtered in Mayerthorpe four years back.

One can even be socially insensitive and question the wisdom of policemen busting through a citizen’s gate, shooting his dog and then ruffling through his house and belongings without invitation (while the already disturbed citizen watches from afar becoming further enraged and going over the edge into the dark realm).

Leaving those emotions and viewpoints alone, does anyone ever look at the original reason for the conflict? It was a truck repossession.

The question of “Why did the truck dealer not more thoroughly check out who he loaned money to?” is a valid one. If a dealer makes an easy loan just to gain a sale, shouldn’t it just be too bad for him if payments fail?

Why should policemen be involved if a lender makes a bad loan? The lender should be more careful and suffer his loss and not involve policemen, even though it was indirect, to do his collecting.

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