Sunday, January 10, 2010

Outer View

Outer View
By Old Willy Longbeard
   Makes my whiskers sad that bone-brained religious nuts got to go around all frothed up trying to kill a 74-year old Danish cartoonist cuz of some picture he drew years and years ago.
   Seems like their god got insulted or something. Seems real dumb to me. Maybe they got to get a bigger god who can take care of himself, one who doesn’t have to rely on terror to prove himself.
   Sometimes those zealots appear to live in deep clouds of darkness. I wish they would let the light shine in so they could see themselves the way they really are.
   Even my dog knows that kind of blind hatred is wrong. I wonder if they know what love is?
   Speaking of love, don’t you love all those taxes and fees the governments keep laying on us? More and more and more every week! We elected them and they are supposed to be serving us, not lording it over us like whipmasters and stealing most of our money for their pet projects.
   They are out of control. Ninety percent of the people are so against all these taxes and fees, but we don’t do anything about it.
   We ought to rise up and grip those money grabbing hooligans by the throats and tell them no more of that. No wonder they don’t want the citizens armed. They got good reason to be scared.
   Now I know we are supposed to pray for our elected officials so that it would go well for us, but can’t they stop stealing so heartlessly?
   I best be getting out of here before I start sounding like a bone-brained religious nut.
   Lord, help us.
   ‘Til next time. Farewell. 

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