Monday, January 25, 2010

Push Back

   Sometimes when we see and hear politicians attack each other in their grand pompous showings, we can understandably conclude that there is not a decent person among them. This is particularly true with federal and provincial politicians, and somewhat less with municipal ones.
   “They’re all out for one another’s blood, animals preying on each other.”

   I know there are some who are true servants of the people. God bless them.

   The following prayer, however, is for the corrupt godless ones: “Lord, put them in their place humiliated in their arrogance, speechless and clueless. Make them slink like snakes, crawl like cockroaches, come out of their holes from under rocks and face You. Fill them with holy fear and trembling. Grant them a heart of Godly repentance. In Jesus name I pray.

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