Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things Heard

 “Ya gotta love the politically correct crap from scared liberals. Just say it like it is. Islam Muslim extremists cause and plan 99.99% of terrorist acts against the west. Done. No? Gimmee the others who do. Can't? Carry on. And don't make cartoons or you might get axed.”

“Wealthy and powerful individuals who comprise the global oligarchic establishment are involved in the creation and shepherding of the environmental alarmism. Local governments must get in line and propagate the Global Warming mantra too. If they don't then the oligarchy subordinates will see to it that their money supply is severely damaged. Mass media must do the same or see their advertising revenue dry up. Companies must get on board the hysterical wagon too or their business will go south really quickly. Flow with everyone else. We have made an offer you best not refuse.”

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nice post. thanks.