Monday, February 15, 2010

Report Cards

The Fraser Institute “School Report Card” gave John A. Hutton Elementary of Grand Forks a 7.7 rating, up from 6.1. It ranked 146 out of 876 schools.

Dr. D. A. Perley Elementary, also of Grand Forks, received a 6.7, up from 5.5. It ranked 302 out of 876.

School unions have screamed furiously at the Fraser Institute for rating the schools.

Some administrators have put down the score cards as well, especially if their school districts do poorly.

At a glance, the Boundary area has improved in recent years.

Meadowridge School in Maple Ridge and Mulgrave School in West Vancouver, among other top schools, each received ratings of 10 and ranked number one.

Roosevelt Park in Prince Rupert and Carney Hill in Prince George received ratings of 0.5 and 0.3. They ranked last.

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