Friday, February 26, 2010

Things Noticed

A response from the local NDP MP to a letter objecting to the new HST tax contained this sentence, “I and my NDP colleagues oppose the manner in which these deals are being implemented”.

One could pull from their response that the NDP may be more opposed to the manner in which the tax is implemented than the tax itself.

A letter to the NDP, such as the objection mentioned, apparently gains you a spot on their mailing list even though you didn’t ask for or want such an addition.

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Unknown said...

Indeed, they and all other parties (at least form what I am aware) are for it as it does cut administration costs. What they are not for is that it does not have an exemption for all items that are currently not covered by the GST. You would imagine that the parties would simply amend the proposed legislation to make exemptions on currently exempt items. Whoever said politics were rational.