Thursday, February 4, 2010

Truth Can Smack

The recent flaps about Pro-Life television advertising raise some interesting thoughts.

First, it is clear the majority of people in today’s age are not in favour of abortion. They will not continue to remain under suppression no matter how loud minority foes scream out to silence them. Their voices are now ebbing out.

Second is the whole spectrum of free speech. There are a lot of restrictions put upon it in Canada which make it not very free at all.

Third is the front that the television people try to put on: the commercials are too graphic or controversial. Neither excuse holds water. That some people might be offended is undoubtedly true, but so what? Be offended. Such is life. The commercials, however, do not come onto a person strong.

The real opposition comes because the commercials tell a simple truth. Television does not like truth in advertising. Ads are mostly deception. These commercials just give a plain and simple message. They do, nevertheless, deliver a high impact. The commercials don’t ask but the viewer faces the question internally, “How do I feel about that?”

There is no escape. Truth has a way of cutting through pretence.

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