Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mob Rule

A small mob prevented an assembly of listeners from gathering at the University of Ottawa Tuesday night. Showing a continually Canadian lack of tolerance for free expession, the noisy group prevented Ann Coulter from delivering her speech. It was very reminiscent of the mob at Concordia University who prevented Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking.

This latest reinforcement of Canadian activism, which states “What you don’t like, you can unilaterally shut down,” met with these words, many by Ann Coulter:

· Free speech in Canada leaves much to be desired.

· The University of Ottawa is really easy to get into, isn’t it? I never get any trouble at the Ivy League schools. It’s always the bush league schools.

· This has never, ever, ever happened before — even at the stupidest American university.

· Since I’ve arrived in Canada, I’ve been denounced on the floor of Parliament — which, by the way, is on my bucket list — my posters have been banned, I’ve been accused of committing a crime in a speech that I have not yet given, I was banned by the student council, so welcome to Canada!

· I would like to know when this sort of violence, this sort of protest, has been inflicted upon a Muslim — who appear to be, from what I’ve read of the human rights complaints, the only protected group in Canada. I think I’ll give my speech tomorrow night in a burka. That will protect me.

· An embarrassing day for the University of Ottawa and their student body, who could not debate Ann Coulter . . . who chose to silence her through threats and intimidation, just like their vice-president did.

· University of Ottawa vice-president and provost Francois Houle got his wish. A fish rots from the head down. He telegraphed to the community that the University of Ottawa is not a place for free debate.

· The spectacle showed just how eroded our Canadian values of free speech have become — especially on university campuses.

· It’s a shame. They claim we’re the intolerant ones, yet they’re the ones who refuse to allow a Conservative speaker to come to campus. That is the definition of intolerance.

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