Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post In Globe And Mail Following Latest Montreal Canadian's Hockey Victory Street Riot

The Liberals suggest that this could be fixed with a Hockey Fan registry.

All Hockey Fans would be forced to register with an agency and would be fined and criminalised if they don't.

It would be cheap, only $200M, and paid for mostly by the Fans registration fee (max if there were cost overruns of $2B) and might prevent celebration riots or at least let the riot police know what they were dealing with.

The head of various chiefs of Police (and their political lobby wings) support it as a much needed aide in dealing with crowds of people. The Riot police need to know, if they are called in, if they were dealing with Hockey Fans.

This database would be accessed thousands of times a day as it would be checked every time the police did a query on any person.

The Hockey fans in Saskatchewan might not like the registry, but the plan only provides benefits if it includes all hockey fans.

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