Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look Who Is Not Cleaning Up

   Scrambling to avoid political damage from the biggest oil spill ever, President Obama seeks in ever-more-strident announcements to convince himself and the rest of the world that he is in charge and that all will soon be well. The curtain is pulled back on Barack "The Wiz" Obama. The picture is not pretty.
   The Wiz is finger-pointing, shape-shifting and spinning like a dervish. It isn't working. People noticed when the Wiz chose to go to a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer instead of attending the funeral of the 11 men who perished in the BP oil-rig explosion.
   Worse, the basic inefficiency of Big Government coupled with the union and environmentalist political hammerlock on the Wiz has delayed common-sense solutions and blocked needed assistance. The latest atrocity is a union veto of offers of assistance from the Netherlands and Belgium – countries with cleanup technology and ships not available in the U.S.
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