Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Gap Between The Swearers And The Worshipers

   I am watching — no it jumps out at me — people who curse Jesus in almost every sentence they speak. It’s “Jesus” this and “Oh Christ” that, with a whole lot of extra “Jesus Christ’s” thrown into their dialogue. 
   It’s very odd that they choose those words to swear with. Why don’t they curse their mother, or dog, or teacher or the guy down the street? Why Jesus Christ all the time?  Very odd behaviour indeed. It is like an obsession.
   They madly spin their wheels in life but get no traction. They are in the same place they were ten years ago, complaining and grumbling all the while — blaming and bad-mouthing other people for their problems. It is always someone else or a group of other people that are the problem. The problem is never them.
   In contrast, I see those who have accepted Jesus’ forgiveness, turned their life over to Him and have a continual intimate and loving relationship with their Saviour and they just grow and grow and grow, even those in difficult and seemingly impossible situations. They have surrendered their own efforts to, and totally rely upon, their Creator. 
   Jesus is their source.
   They are like plants in the garden, always unfurling new leaves and suddenly sprouting surprisingly unexpected buds. I marvel at how the Lord works that!  A wonder indeed! It warms the heart to see.

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