Thursday, October 21, 2010

Politicians Not Connected To People

   MacLean’s magazine was very clear in its coverage that Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada.
   Politicians, both federal and provincial, howled with fury and outrage that the magazine dared to speak such truth. There were self-righteous screams of xenophobia and bigotry.
   However, a poll shows that most Canadians agree with the story. The portion of Canadians that agreed the most are Quebecers.
   This underlines a major fact in Canada. Politicians have lost all touch with the citizens. They live in a different world.
   How long will it be before Canadian citizens rise up and say enough of the phony self-serving thieves?
   The politicians have their fingers very deep in all our pockets and have made absolutely sure that they have taken good care of themselves, including extremely rich pensions after only six years. 
   They have also made sure that only their people have the guns. 

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