Thursday, November 4, 2010

Germany’s Freiheit Party Joins the Fray

   A new German political party, Die Freiheit (The Freedom), had its inaugural meeting on October 28 in Berlin. I was in town, so its leadership invited me to be the only non-member of the nascent party to witness and report on its founding constituent assembly.

   As a reminder of how freedoms have eroded in Europe in this age of Islamist terror, a political party that resists Islamization and supports Israel cannot come into existence in broad daylight. So, like the other 50-plus attendees, I learned of the event’s time and location only shortly before it took place.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How does a religion like Islam spread?

It's because some agree with it and follow the belief.

A new mosque? We need to stop it or Muslims will come here...

Wait... doesn't that mean they ALREADY are? and thus would like a mosque to attend?

Simply put,Islam, Christianity and so on only "spread" because people who live there follow the belief. It's not like it "takes over" but rather reflects what the populous believes in.

This is really true when looking at Sharia law. I don't see it existing in any western nations. Only nations who already believe in those principles and have decided to make it law. It's not as though a nation of people who believe in democratic law would adopt Sharia law. People who believe in the principles of Sharia law would adopt it.... so unless the population of any western nation were to double from immigration by people who all want it imposed (why would they move away from an area sharing more of their beliefs than not?) then it's not happening.

Fear mongering to say the least.