Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finance Committee Meeting

   Greenwood council held a finance committee meeting last night at 4pm.
   The mayor, three council persons, the city manager and a city clerk were in attendance, along with four men from the general public. Three of the four were very vocal, putting forth their questions and thoughts, as well as observations on what could be improved.
   The two newer council persons also had many, many questions for the manager, Gerry Henke.
   Mayor Colleen Lang and Councilwoman Sue Perry were mostly quiet and didn’t partake in the consistent challenges by the other participants which questioned Mr. Henke’s method of budgeting.
   The close physical presence of one of the vocal men, a local restaurant owner, to the council jumped out as notable. He used the end of the council table as his document platform. 
   If one had thoughts of him claiming ownership, or wondered if maybe he would soon sit at the table officially, those thoughts and wonders would have validity based upon his bodily positioning and the intensive thoroughness of his enquiries.
   (This observer left the meeting by 5:30. It showed signs of continuing for some time.)

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