Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not A Winning Day For Mr. Kahl

   Mr. Kahl, of Kelowna, had his driving rights removed by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.
   He thought he had a few days left before it took effect, so the construction-company owner was driving a vehicle to Cranbrook for a quick trip. On route, he ran into a police road-check in Midway.
   Officer Jourdin found the driving prohibition to be very much in effect and this made much trouble for Mr. Kahl.
   In Grand Forks Court on Friday, Mr. Kahl explained that he thought he was still valid as a driver and would never, ever have attempted to drive if he thought he was under suspension. He said he particularly would never have driven knowingly in this state into the frequently erected Midway police road-check.  
   Judge Fabbro said he had a bad driving history and his defence was not believable. He fined him $500, plus 15%, and gave him another year’s suspension from driving.

Out Of Sight

   The Mike Ellis trial moved from Grand Forks to Nelson, BC, out of sight from the local population.
   From all appearances, Judge Fabbro has finished his neighbourly presiding and the case will now move to BC Supreme Court.
   June 6, 2011 looks as if it is the day when the courts will fix a date, but is not known where this will happen.
   As it is with so many local cases, the endings disappear from easy common access.

Bit More Of Grand Forks Court

May 24

   The Mike Ellis trial continued in Grand Forks court. It appears it will be an eight-day trial, an extraordinary length of time for the local court. It is costing the taxpayer many thousands of dollars.
   There is a court-ordered publication ban in place.

From The Past

 Media reports over two years ago (806 days past) spoke of a long dramatic police chase, from Midway and through Kettle Valley into Rock Creek.
   It spoke of the finale when a large pick-up truck rammed a police cruiser. It spoke of shots fired.
   This was public knowledge, but from this point on nothing from court testimony can be printed due to a court-ordered publication ban.

Bit Of Grand Forks Court

May 17, 2011
   Mr. Ellis was in court to face many charges: Theft over $5000; PSP Over $5,000; Assault with a weapon; Dangerous operation of motor vehicle; Operating motor vehicle while disqualified; Flight from peace officer; Possession for the purpose of trafficking; Theft $5000 or under; another PSP Under $5,000 (Possession of Stolen Property); and Uttering threats.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Grand Forks Court ... Publication Ban

   According to the Grand Forks Law Courts, Public Access Adult Court List, it appears that there is currently a publication ban of some sort put on the trial of Michael Ellis. The bit of a story written so far is presently withheld. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Schooling

   Have you ever noticed that socialization has now become – apparently – the sole and exclusive purpose of education? And naturally, the ONLY place where "correct" socialization is possible is in government schools. What happens when you lock up children for seven hours a day and force them to model their social skills on their peers instead of a higher standard?
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Quick Guilty

   Mr. Norman stood before Judge Mrozinski for a Grand Forks driving violation and pleaded guilty.
   Ms. Moffat, the Crown Prosecutor, was brief in her summary: He drove; he was prohibited.
   He received a $500 fine topped with a 15% surcharge.

Friday, May 13, 2011


   Ms. Braun did not have a great day. She faced sentencing for a large number of drinking/driving offences as well as many drug/production related charges.
   Before sentencing her lawyer, Mr. Gelber, asked to have her driving suspension delayed until 4pm so she could return to Kelowna.
   Mr. Gelber and the Provincial Crown had agreed on her sentencing, but Judge Mrozinski expressed some difficulty in letting sentencing go that light. She thought Ms. Braun had not learned a lesson and thought she should receive real jail time.
   She also thought that Ms. Braun’s driving was as problematic as the drug production. She called her a menace on the road.
   In the end she sentenced the 44-year-old to 16-months of house arrest on the drug charges. She lightened it to a 6pm to 6am curfew after the first six-months and a10pm to 6am curfew for the final five.
   On the drinking charges she gave a 16-month driving prohibition, a 12-month probation and a $1,000 dollar fine.
   There were also various prohibitions and mandatory conditions.

A No Show

   A Mr. Dobler did not appear to face “Escape from Custody, Resisting a Peace Officer” and other charges in Grand Forks court on the morning of May 10th. His lawyer, Mr. Gelber, asked the court to remove him as his counsel and the Crown asked for and received an unendorsed warrant.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tension Between Charter And Drug Busts

   The court day had a surprise. One of the three witnesses for the federal crown found himself pronounced guilty the day before of an assault in an unrelated case and he now faces charges of perjury. Scratch one witness.
   That still left many characters in a trial concerning a Rock Creek marijuana bust dating back to December 10, 2009.
   The encounter actually began with two officers setting up a road-check 15 km east of Kelowna.    
   During the 9am check for driver’s licences, insurance and vehicle safety, an officer encountered a man in a Jeep, with his girlfriend, allegedly driving to a funeral in Cranbrook.
   The policeman became suspicious when the driver began a conversation before he had even pulled his vehicle up to the stopping point. It was enhanced when the driver said he had forgotten his wallet.
   The officer, who had served with the RCMP since July, 2000, was further troubled when the female passenger didn’t know the name of the deceased at the funeral.
   The officer did a computer check and found that the driver had been suspected on three occasions of being involved with drugs or guns. The authorities had never charged him with any offences.
   The officer also ascertained that the stopped driver was carrying a large amount of money in $50’s and $20’s.
   The officer felt the Jeep was probably carrying drugs and radioed for a sniffer-dog. The closest dog was in Osoyoos.
   The officer had already held the driver for 14 minutes and could not detain him longer without an arrest. There was not evidence to justify one. After determining that the driver’s insurance and car-registration papers were in proper order, he released the driver, vehicle and passenger to continue on their way.
   The policeman did, however, then ask the Osoyoos dog-handler to intercept the travellers in Rock Creek.
   The two road-check officers then followed five minutes behind the suspect vehicle.
   At 11am, in Rock Creek, the dog-officer drove behind the suspect who pulled over. The road-check police cars soon joined. The suspect driver suddenly found his driver’s licence.
   The police searched the vehicle and found vacuumed sealed bags of marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash.
   The defence is arguing — and if past criminal court defence precedence continues, will continue to argue — that there was no cause to pull the vehicle into a search. The driver gave no indication of wrong doing, had no criminal record, and had complied fully with the police road-check. Defence is saying, and will say, that carrying money is not a crime, that where a person is going is of no concern to a road-check, that a road-check has only the authority to check licences and registration, and that opening up a friendly conversation with an officer is not a crime.
   The defence will likely state that this was an unlawful search without just cause that violates the Charter of Rights and any evidence found as a result of that search will be inadmissible.
   The Defence and the Federal Crown Prosecutor asked the court for a continuance of this trial at a later date.
   The soft-speaking judge said that court will be in session again on May 10th and will assign a new date for trial continuance on that day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sarah Palin's Tweet

   Sarah Palin's Tweet Regarding Bin Laden's Photo >> SarahPalinUSA: Show photo as warning to others seeking America's destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama; it's part of the mission.

The Bloc, NDP and Quebec

   The protest vote against the Bloc in Quebec did give the NDP 56 new seats. But outside Quebec, the party gained only eight.   
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