Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not A Winning Day For Mr. Kahl

   Mr. Kahl, of Kelowna, had his driving rights removed by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.
   He thought he had a few days left before it took effect, so the construction-company owner was driving a vehicle to Cranbrook for a quick trip. On route, he ran into a police road-check in Midway.
   Officer Jourdin found the driving prohibition to be very much in effect and this made much trouble for Mr. Kahl.
   In Grand Forks Court on Friday, Mr. Kahl explained that he thought he was still valid as a driver and would never, ever have attempted to drive if he thought he was under suspension. He said he particularly would never have driven knowingly in this state into the frequently erected Midway police road-check.  
   Judge Fabbro said he had a bad driving history and his defence was not believable. He fined him $500, plus 15%, and gave him another year’s suspension from driving.

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