Friday, July 1, 2011

Different Perspective

   The average yearly wage of a person in this world is around $10,500. The average income in Canada is $38,500. A Canadian mail carrier who works 2,000 hours a year would receive approximately $47,000 plus very liberal benefits. 
   The average NDP Member of Parliament in Ottawa takes $158,000 in annual salary with all kinds of extra gravy added on. This easily puts them in the top five percent of the highest salaried Canadians, and probably in at least the top two percent of the world.
   With the world view in mind, it is a very strange spectacle to see the NDP in Ottawa dancing like union string puppets singing songs of defending the poor postal workers.
   It looks very much like one of the world’s richest gangs making sure another well-off gang keeps their wealth too.
   But they probably can’t --- or won’t --- see it like that.

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