Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bit Of Grand Forks Court

   This story was not published because of a court-ordered publication ban. Since that time the court system has thrown the charges out due to the length of time it was taking to complete the trial.
   This is what was written last May.

May 17, 2011

   Mr. Ellis was in court to face many charges: Theft over $5000; PSP Over $5,000; Assault with a weapon; Dangerous operation of motor vehicle; Operating motor vehicle while disqualified; Flight from peace officer; Possession for the purpose of trafficking; Theft $5000 or under; another PSP Under $5,000 (Possession of Stolen Property); and Uttering threats.
   The court heard of a long dramatic police chase 806 days ago, from Midway and through Kettle Valley into Rock Creek.
   It heard of the finale when a large pick-up truck rammed a police cruiser and tried to drive over the top of it, pinning a policeman inside. It heard of shots fired.
   The defence attorney seemed to be painting a picture during the cross-examination of the officer who was in the rammed vehicle: she questioned in a way to show that at no time --- not in Midway, not during the chase, not during the hide-and-seek portion when contact with the pursued was temporarily lost, not when the police car was rammed --- was the officer able to identify Michael Ellis as being the driver of the truck.
   The policeman thought he would soon lose his life while he was trapped in his vehicle.

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