Monday, November 7, 2011

Recently Written By A Greenwood Resident

   Governments keep expanding and expanding and expanding, forever growing larger and larger. They start some new departments here. They acquire a few more buildings there. Inevitably there is a need for more and more employees and more assistants. 
   They are ever increasing the number of laws and regulations. They are always starting new projects or programs. And so on and so on and so on, like an out of control drunk systematic machine! 
   They continually escalate costs which taxpayers --- and future taxpayers --- must compensate for. It never stops. It mushrooms on and on.
   Government expenditures never decrease. They only go up and up and up and up. Currently, the average citizen must work continually for almost half a year just to pay taxes to the government. 
   Meanwhile the political powers give out more and more tax breaks to the favoured few. More recently they proffer large chunks of borrowed cash to select companies and corporations, all the while pleading platitudes of professed necessity and urgency.
   Governments never have enough money. They always need more. Their appetite is insatiable.
   The government too, as it constantly grows, pushes more and more into individual lives. 
   Is it any wonder that many citizens are not at all excited when they hear new politicians campaigning for office, just so they can continue propagating the same old bureaucratic growth?
   Eventually there will be a revolt. How far the political taskmasters push the citizenry will dictate the violence of the backlash.
   Then the politicians and their clustered cronies who drink from the public coffers will stand behind their armed gunmen --- the police --- and declare that they did nothing wrong and whatever got into the people to make them behave so madly?
   Perhaps it won’t happen in some of our lifetimes, but in the end it is inevitable. There are signs of it bubbling now in many places in the world.

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