Sunday, February 5, 2012

Outer View ... By Old Willy Longbeard ... February 5, 2012

Outer View
By Old Willy Longbeard
   The other day I was chatting with someone in Greenwood City and I found out something interesting. Back in the 1950s there were 1,000 souls, or more, living in the big place. 
   Today the number is only in the 600s.
   Back in the 1950s, that nice City Hall building had a total of two people working in the office, the City manager and one other. On top of all the City work they did, those two had to be the Gold Commissioner for the district all around too. And they also had to be the Mine Recording Office during a time when there was lots and lots of mining.
   Back then, they had to carefully manage all their financial books with paper, pencils, erasers and them there adding machines. They didn’t have any of those fancy ‘puters around.
   Today, even though most of the population up and went someplace else, they gots five people working away in that same office.
   Yeehaw, that be an odd thing methinks. A real puzzler!
   And they don’t do the all books with no pencils and paper no more. Nope. Now they got an expensive $10,000 ‘puter ‘counting program to use. I hear tell it comes with a $1,000 a year support program or some such thing. 
   In fact, that office now gots ‘puters all over the place. I reckon that’s to help the workers do all their extra work easier.
   Just seems funny that they need five people now to service 600 or so citizens, when way back then they just needed two folks to help a 1,000 people.
   Must be a busier world or somethin’. Or maybe it’s that new math and those complicated financial instrument thingys that they teach in school nowadays that just make everything harder.
   In my corner of the woods, though, thank goodness, one plus one still equals two.
   ‘Til next time.

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Mayor said...

hey Michael ,Yes what you say is almost true, we do have 5 people in the office. 3 FTE's and 2 Half timers. One of the reasons for that is because years ago Governments looked after communities much better.Today they have downloaded many of the services to Communities and never gave them the funding to help out with that..hence more staff. One thing we do that only one other community in the province does is sell ICBC insurance. This brings in an income for the city coffers that allows us to pay for some of city workers, that helps offset the wages.