Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Outerview ... July 10, 2012

Outer View
By Old Willy Longbeard
   Listening around, I be hearing a strange thing. Lots of politicians these days are saying, “We have to re-educate the people.”
   That be a funny thing. First they force you to attend the government school and now they say they have to re-educate you. Why didn’t they just do it right the first time?
   It seems the citizens aren’t complying exactly the way the politicians think they should. I always thought the politicians were suppose to comply to the citizens’ wishes, not the other way around.
   Re-educating the people! Sounds like something the commies used to say in the old Soviet Union and in that communist China place. Off to the re-education work camps you go!
   Somethin’ else I was noticing is that governments keep having secret meetings. They call them in camera” meetings, but there ain’t no camera at all. It is all hush hush and sneaky quiet. And in them they talk about all the really important things that affects folks, like how much theys going to give the workers and special land deals and settlements and stuff. The big things that folks want to know about --- and maybe influence because for sure they have to pay for them --- can’t be attended.
   I thinks --- since they are called “in camera” meetings --- the whole secret gathering should be on video and then put on that Utube thingie for all to see. Ha! Betcha the meetings would all be done different like then.
   I doesn’t like it when governments does things in secret. Makes me not trust them. Gets me all suspicious like.
   I reckon Syria will soon be at peace. Maybe that Assad fellow will have killed everyone but his family and friends by then. The United Nations will  issue a stern proclamation that will say, “Tsk. Tsk. You shouldn’t do things like that. Bad you.”
   It’s all goofy.
   Lots of talk about a dam in these parts lately. I remember way back when my pappy wanted to keep the water from all going down the mountain. He gots himself some beavers and they figgered the whole thing out by themselves in no time! Smart little critters! Built good dams that didn’t break too and they did all the repairs themselves. Ha! Didn’t need no pesky government engineers coming around making a big fuss.
   Last time there was a beaver around here that I knows about, the government destroyed their dam. Twice! The liability demons was chasing after them. Then I think someone shot the little beaver fellow.
   Some people didn’t like the change he made very much and so they snuffed him out.
   Lots of Assads around here too, I reckon.
   ‘Til next time. Farewell.

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