Friday, November 7, 2014

What Is Unsightly

Sometimes it seems there are a few citizens in Greenwood obsessed with eradicating so called “unsightly premises”. Never do you hear of such natterers going to the “offensive” party and saying, “Is there some way I can assist you in cleaning up?” Their method is more often one of a back-stabber in the shadows.

In the past couple of years, one of the victims of such snipers has been the Anglican Church.

I decided to visit the church grounds this summer and see for myself what the fuss was about.

The first thing I noticed was enterprise, something lacking among the crybabies of the world. There were many individual garden beds neatly laid out, each one maintained by a different individual of the community.

The second thing that struck me was the green; everywhere there was growth.

The third noticeable characteristic was the friendly people. Totally absent was the toxic political atmosphere so often found around city hall and coffee shops. There were just helpful friendly folks who wanted the best for each other.

This was a habitation in which to feel warm and wanted; a safe and healing refuge in a cruel world of hate, hurt and rejection.

It is my understanding that two handicapped individuals come by from time to time and know they also can feel secure in the surrounds.

All together it seemed like a very pleasant place; what was unsightly was not at all evident.

Sometimes it seems like the “unsightly” people want every place to look neat, trim and tidy like a graveyard. Of course, a graveyard is full of empty bodies with no life. This church yard was very much alive.

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