Sunday, February 15, 2015

Exaggeration Is Harmful

Greenwood did well a couple of times in a water tasting contest. Once it even won first prize in the Municipal Tap Water category.

Somehow a few politicians and local people have morphed it into "Greenwood was voted the best water in the world." It was voiced and echoed for a while both loudly and often.

Greenwood received first place in best municipal water out of 30 other participants. True.

Being judged the best tap water out of only 30 entrants does not substantiate the claim to having been voted the “best water in the world."

Today it could be called the Brian Williams syndrome. First he was in a helicopter flying one hour behind one that was shot at and hit, and after a series of subtle exaggerations he was now flying in the one that was forced down and he barely escaped.

A few decades ago an elderly woman in Greenwood stated, "We have good water in Greenwood." It was a simple humble statement said without pretence or swagger and it still stands true today.

What we say and how we say it speaks a lot about our character. What people look for most in this world are honestly and integrity.

No one likes a braggart who bends the truth.

What will people find in Greenwood?

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