Monday, June 8, 2015

First Thoughts On Greenwood-CBC Interview

After listening to the CBC interview with Greenwood resident Christopher Yates, here are some immediate thoughts that come to mind:

- In the preamble advertising before the news, the CBC alluded to Greenwood as having the best water in the world, but there is trouble at city hall. The CBC was propagating a manufactured fiction in that statement. Greenwood, once, won first prize in a drinking water contest for the best municipal tap water among thirty other municipalities. To fan that flame of fact into becoming --- therefore Greenwood has the best water in the world, is a disservice to truth.

- Mr. Yates said it was the manner that the CAO of Greenwood received termination “that got the citizens kind of up in arms”. That was not accurate. It could be correctly re-phrased, “that it got some of the citizens upset”. What percentage is unclear, but it certainly isn’t all of them.

- To an average listener in BC, without any inside knowledge of Greenwood politics, it was not very clear what exactly the issue was, that it was all that important or that it would be resolved in, or even rated, a court setting. To an outsider it seemed more like some kind of typical, regular small-town political conflict taken onto the broader public stage.

- Mr. Yates stated Alderwoman Colleen Lang “actually stood with the citizens”. Again, that paints a picture that all the citizens of Greenwood and Colleen Lang are on one side and three councillors and the mayor are on the other. It is true that Ms. Lang was not pleased with how the termination took place, but the idea that all the citizens are of one opinion and unified here is not a true one.

Sadly, there has never been a clear public presentation by the mayor of the facts. Why was Robin Dalziel terminated? In what manner did it happen? Who decided? How was it decided? When and where was it decided?

The basic facts informing the public: it makes for an open democracy. And they are missing. 

It is a shame. The lack of simple truth filling the air leaves a vacuum in which a lot of firecrackers pop and noise is made.

Open honesty is always the best policy. People yearn for it.