Thursday, August 6, 2015

In Search Of The Town Square ... Part Two

Today’s search was across the highway from the ballpark. Two quiet picnic tables nestle happily under a tree, a third one sits across the field. There are washrooms nearby. There is a lot of space though it looks very dry, which is ironic because it can pool and flood in the spring. Some vehicles stop along the lane and creek behind, and there is some foot traffic, a definite must for a town square. (The ballpark visited earlier had no people.)

Birds sing and it is very pleasant, but noise from the highway disturbs. There is nowhere to shelter from the rain. There was once an old bandstand here, but the city tore it down. They put up no replacement. In an area rich with wood and construction people, one would think that would be a simple task. 

There is talk about moving the city campground here. There is plenty of room but there are no trees, which would make it very barren. One can see the current campground in the distance, off to the south. It seems busier this year than it has been in a decade.

What’s missing is an attraction, a focal point. A concession stand would do the job, but there is nothing.

It is no town square. It could be. It would take some additions and a lot of will.

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