Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Interview Pieces With Donald Trump

In an interview with Donald Trump, CNN asked Mr. Trump if he thought repentance was a good thing. Mr. Trump replied, yes --- he thought repentance was a good thing.

The interviewer asked him again, so you think repentance is a good thing? Mr. Trump answered again that he thought it was a good thing.

CNN then asked him if he needed repentance. Mr. Trump responded, “No. I haven’t done anything wrong.”

When CNN repeated the question, Mr. Trump said no a second time, adding that he was basically a good person who helped people. He said he was a Presbyterian and went to Church on Sundays.

In a separate interview after saying the Bible was his favourite book, Mr. Trump faced the question, “What is your favourite scripture verse”? Mr. Trump declined to answer saying it was private.

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