Sunday, May 29, 2016

You Pay The Full Amount Of Your Taxes

Since 1957, BC citizens have received a homeowner’s grant. You may only pay $350 or $100 in cash for your taxes, but the homeowner’s grant belongs to you --- the citizen --- who applies for it. It belongs first and foremost to the citizen.

You may only pay $350 or $100 in cash, but the homeowner grant fully belongs to and is credited to you. Legally, you’re paying your taxes in full. Someone telling you that you are only paying a small amount is both belittling and disingenuous.

Whether the grant comes from the drug dealer down the road, a rich uncle, or the provincial government by way of a government grant is immaterial. It is credited completely to you the homeowner. It is your money and by way of it you pay your taxes in full.

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