Tuesday, February 27, 2018


   Some people object to there being armed guards in schools. Oddly, the same people have no problems with armed guards being in banks, at jewellers or at art shows. 

   One would think that children are more valuable than money, jewellery or art!


   It is said 1,300 children die by the gun in the US every year; it is called outrageously tragic.
   In the same country, 18,000 babies die by abortion every day; it is quietly ignored.

CNN Scripted

It boils down to Colton having two questions: !) There are over 450,000 unemployed Veterans living in the United States. What steps can be taken to utilize our select retired military in this capacity? 2) How can we get select faculty trained and armed to give them a fighting chance, if GOD forbid, there is another attack? CNN substituted with their own question: Have we thought about having a class for teachers who are willing to be armed trained to carry on campus?