Sunday, September 16, 2018

BC Local Government Act ... Mail ballot voting

110 (1) Subject to this section and any regulations under section 168 [election regulations], a local government may, by bylaw, permit voting to be done by mail ballot and, in relation to this, may permit elector registration to be done in conjunction with this voting.

(2) For a municipality, the only electors who may be permitted to vote by mail ballot are

(a) persons who have a physical disability, illness or injury that affects their ability to vote at another voting opportunity, and

(b) persons who expect to be absent from the municipality on general voting day and at the times of all advance voting opportunities.BC Local Government.

... the keyword seems to be "may".



Ontario and Nova Scotia were the first provinces to do so in Canada, but there have only been feeble attempts in the past decade to introduce online voting in B.C.


Some think there is online voting in BC, but are there facts to back it up? It would be good to have first-hand solid ones.

“In terms of electoral modernization, British Columbian municipalities would be very much the laggard,” reads the Vancouver Sun. "While B.C. has the technology and capacity for online voting, the province has yet to gather the political will to make it happen. While municipalities have been receptive to the idea, but it still remains off the table ahead of the October municipal elections."

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Your Right To Vote May Not Be What You Think


Good Morning,

I am in a wheelchair with Multiple Sclerosis. I cannot always get out into the world.

I could not find a way to do mail-in voting during the last Greenwood by-election and as a result I could not vote.

For this upcoming civic election, I have tried to prevent this from happening again. An enquiry at the front desk of Greenwood City Hall had a woman inform me that she didn’t think she didn’t think they did that anymore.

A second written enquiry solicited a response from the CAO/CO saying, “Sorry, we do not have mail ballot voting. We have a back door for wheelchair access if you require assistance.”

This might be fine if you knew you were able get out that particular day. (And access to the beginning of the ramp from the road is a troublesome matter as well.)

Further to that, my parents in Montreal are in major trouble --- one near terminal --- and I seek to find a way there during October and November.

Thus, due to voting restrictions, I will not be able to vote for the second time. This is very troubling.

I have written CivicInfoBC and they have informed me, “Mail-In Balloting is an option for local governments; however there is no requirement that they MUST offer this to voters.”

And there we be! No chance to vote again, which is very difficult to conceive happening in a current modern-day democracy.

Finally, by unintended proxy, I think I write also for those who are non-resident property electors, seasonal residents, electors whose mobility or health prevents them from leaving their home or people who have to go to Kelowna or Vancouver for an operation and recovery for a few weeks. All of them are left without a vote.

Perhaps there is a way I am not seeing, but without a mail-in vote many are robbed of their right to vote.

I will stand to be corrected if I am wrong.

Can you help?

Michael Bonner
Box 580
Greenwood BC
V0H 1J0
250 444 1952

P.S. Thank you for trying to push the envelope forward on trying to end the twice-a-year clock change! Perhaps the Europeans can lead us.