Monday, October 22, 2018

Regional District Mail-in Voting

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has mail-in balloting, enabling all eligible citizens to exercise their voting right.

Theresa Lenardon, Chief Election Office of the RDKB, says "The right to vote is basic. The mail-in ballot works well, and even it's for just a few, you are still providing that democracy."

Greenwood and many sister-municipalities do not share the view that all should be able to exercise their right to vote. They, in fact, deny it to some --- sometimes it is even many.

The bare truth is if people are not able to vote on the two voting days for whatever reason, and are further denied a mail-in vote, then what is left for them is taxation without any representation.

The Hidden Referendum Result

When the election was over Saturday, the RDKB referendum concerning a bylaw for the Kettle Valley Watershed, about increased taxes and the building of a mini-bureaucracy --- which is what it will eventually become --- mysteriously had no available results.

The referendum results were nowhere to be found.

The same occurred Sunday through early Monday, no matter where you looked.

This also concerned the chief election officer for the RDKB, Theresa Lenardon.

She said that she submitted the results to CivicsInfo BC at 1145PM Saturday, but the numbers were not reflected on their site right away. After a long day, she thought they might still be busy and she didn't look again until the next day.

Not seeing them there then either, alarmed her also.

She said she couldn’t talk to CivicsInfo BC until Monday, when they corrected their omission. She said simply, “They had made a mistake.”

Knowing that the RDKB had submitted the numbers late-Saturday and that the CivicsInfo site had a mixed-up time reflecting them, satisfies this inquiry.

Seeing the numbers up now causes the interest in this to drain.

Theresa Lenardon was very open, forthcoming, helpful and informative.

The Bylaw Vote Breakdown

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The RDKB Referendum

The RDKB referendum concerning the Boundary Watershed and increased taxes bylaw passed in the affirmative by a count of 1,535 to 1,369.

Midway, Grand Forks, Big White and Christina Lake voted in favour. All other areas responded in the negative.

A reason as to why the results found such delay in finding their way to the public --- or even internal --- domain will follow shortly.

There will also be the complete breakdown of each area as well as the RDKB view on mail-in voting.

Canada Writes Off $1,100,000,000 (US Dollar) Loan

$1.1B US loan written off. Oh, heck. What's another billion or so. Everyone knows Canadian budgets balance themselves!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

How Many Voted

Estimated Eligible Voters: 560

Total Votes Cast: 338

Turnout: 60%

Greenwood Election 2018

Votes Percent

Smith, Ed 191 56.51%
Pratt, Ron 147 43.49%

Shaw, Gerry 225 18.86%
Nathorst, Jim 214 17.94%
Bolt, John 207 17.35%
Lang, Colleen 180 15.09%

Cudworth, Lee 178 14.92%
Payne, Rob 141 11.82%
Arnell, Timothy 48 4.02%

Friday, October 19, 2018

Vote Denied

For the record: The Greenwood, BC, City Regime during the election of 2018 refused to allow mail-in balloting though they had full authority to enact it. Any persons qualified to vote who were away for the two available voting days --- for whatever reason --- were thus not able to exercise their right to vote.

The Mayor at the time of this testimonial is Ed Smith. The Council Persons are: Gerry Shaw, Lee Cudworth, Colleen Lang and Jim Nathorst.

This testimonial also declares that in this year of 2018, the right to vote belongs to the people and it is not for any government to impede it in any way.

Sorry ... Out Of Supply ... Come Back Tomorrow

This looks a lot like the lines to Soviet government-run bread stores in the seventies. Flash forward to Canadian government-run cannabis stores today.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

First Impression

I went to the BC Cannabis site this morning on its first day of operation. It seemed easy to use; on the surface the delivery price appears reasonable. I selected three products that I could one day have an interest in. All three were marked sold out. Is this a new preview of the Soviet bread lines of long ago? 

BC growers who grew the best cannabis in the world --- in great abundance and are now out of business --- has its government saying the chosen products are not available. Not the best of management so far.

There were some products I would have no interest in; making a purchase of them appears flawless.

Sleep Well?

I have been using the Sleep Cycle app; it’s fun and informative. In the analysis part, it mostly rates New Zealand people as getting the best sleep. Some days, though, it says Finland or the Netherlands had the best night. But always it shows Saudi Arabia as getting the worst.