Monday, October 22, 2018

The Hidden Referendum Result

When the election was over Saturday, the RDKB referendum concerning a bylaw for the Kettle Valley Watershed, about increased taxes and the building of a mini-bureaucracy --- which is what it will eventually become --- mysteriously had no available results.

The referendum results were nowhere to be found.

The same occurred Sunday through early Monday, no matter where you looked.

This also concerned the chief election officer for the RDKB, Theresa Lenardon.

She said that she submitted the results to CivicsInfo BC at 1145PM Saturday, but the numbers were not reflected on their site right away. After a long day, she thought they might still be busy and she didn't look again until the next day.

Not seeing them there then either, alarmed her also.

She said she couldn’t talk to CivicsInfo BC until Monday, when they corrected their omission. She said simply, “They had made a mistake.”

Knowing that the RDKB had submitted the numbers late-Saturday and that the CivicsInfo site had a mixed-up time reflecting them, satisfies this inquiry.

Seeing the numbers up now causes the interest in this to drain.

Theresa Lenardon was very open, forthcoming, helpful and informative.

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