Friday, October 19, 2018

Vote Denied

For the record: The Greenwood, BC, City Regime during the election of 2018 refused to allow mail-in balloting though they had full authority to enact it. Any persons qualified to vote who were away for the two available voting days --- for whatever reason --- were thus not able to exercise their right to vote.

The Mayor at the time of this testimonial is Ed Smith. The Council Persons are: Gerry Shaw, Lee Cudworth, Colleen Lang and Jim Nathorst.

This testimonial also declares that in this year of 2018, the right to vote belongs to the people and it is not for any government to impede it in any way.


charli haddock said...

Now would his constitute harassment?

charli haddock said...

Dirty!!!!! Another punch in the gut for Seniors! So I wonder how many Seniors got out to vote??? what an outfit!!!