Thursday, October 17, 2019

Leeches Want You

Outer View
By Old Willy Longbeard
They made me take some grammar lessons and now they tell me I write better much.

One of those words is an adverb I think, but I’m not sure which one.

Never minds though, I want to tell you a thought I got the other day.

I was driving in Greenwood towards the highway and I sees all those political signs. Looks like they sprouted up like weeds everywhere.

Then suddenly I thought, “They are all like leeches. Trying to out do each other by spending your grandchildren’s money by promising to give you all kind of goodies.

My Lord, they is spending some else’s money before they have a chance to earn it. They know no shame.

Only the People’s Party of Canada said they would balance the budget in two years. Most others just give you a strange look as if this was a foreign concept.

Now I read that that Singh fellow spoke well of Fidel Castro. And Trudeau did too. I would have thought the killing of tens of thousands of people might cast a bit of a negative shadow, but apparently not. They honoured him.

Methinks they got to pull the moral box outa their hearts and see if it’s wired right.

But I hears that in Ottawa most politicians sold their morals. They don’t need a box no more.

I thinks this here fellow says it best.
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Til’ next time
 -  Farewell

Monday, September 30, 2019

Response From The NDP

Thank you so much for contacting the Castlegar Campaign office. I have forwarded your concerns to our sign crew in the Grand Forks area and appraised them of the two signs in the Greenwood Ball Park.


Letter to the NDP: In the ballpark in Greenwood, there are two NDP political signs. The ballpark should be free of political signs. I don't know if that's your doing, but if it is please stop. Ty 

(The same would apply to any political entity.)

Not So

We often hear that all cultures are equal and we should embrace them more fully because diversity is our strength.

But truly, not all cultures are equal.

Some cultures allow the eating of their placenta. Others do not participate in this.

Some countries allow the killing of their unborn but 26 countries do not.

Some countries have executions without trials. Others do not.

Some cultures allow freedom of belief while others impose a belief system that all must keep.

One could go on but the point is not all cultures are equal.

They are different but that does not necessarily mean equal.

One should define their own moral values before rushing to embrace.

True strength lies in unity; unity flows from common, deep-rooted, unshakeable values and beliefs.

Only One Side Can Do This

When Michael Moore speaks to the Liberals or into CBC election coverage, there is silence. But when Dave Rubin speaks to the PPC, there is a freak-out reaction.

Liberty And Freedom

Liberty and freedom are words hardly ever spoken in Canadian elections anymore. As the people in East-Germany said in the 1950s and 60s, most Canadians will say incredulously today, “What do you mean? We are free.”