Wednesday, September 30, 2020



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Today, I took another picture.

 Afterwards, I went to talk to one of the workers.

 The picture he painted is big.

 I don’t report anymore --- I’m old like Joe Biden, c’mon man --- but this is some of what I remember. Wish I had recorded it.

- all the raw logs will find use in the rebuilt-playground.

- every second tree, the workers removed due to age.

- the construction company will remove the stumps at no charge, and they are huge stumps. That will save the City some serious dollars.

- a lot of people gained employment through this project.

- they will dredge the creek, which should ease the flooding of houses.

- they have enough funds to complete phase one.

- phase two will probably need another grant.

- there was a partnership with an apprentice program of some kind to cut the logs.

- there appeared to be a very creative and entrepreneur type enterprise going on. They used the project to the benefit of many.

- there will be washrooms installed.

- there will be two doggy runs.

- there will be a zip wire

- it all ties into the park that will find creation on the south side of Providence.

- there the long-planned bmx track will appear too.

- that old trailer will disappear.

 Perhaps all this is not perfectly accurate, but you now have the general flavour!

 This is not a comprehensive report. It is just the gatherings of a passer-by.

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