Thursday, October 15, 2020

Fictional Story

 Once upon a time in a town, not so very far away, were some rulers who some considered very heavy-handed.


Into this town entered a new entity that was not known for friendliness.


This entity purchased many of the businesses in this town.


In a not very long time the businesses all collapsed, leaving piles of debris and standing, decaying structures.


The entity blamed the heavy-handed rulers for its rapid decline. Though the rulers were indeed heavy-handed, there seemed to be no evidence to support the entity’s claims.


Very slowly over time, the little town tried to put the broken pieces back together again.


To this day, the town is still run by heavy-handed rulers but now and then vile and bitter accusations are heard faintly from the entity, somewhere in the far-off, hurling anguished cries against the little town and its rulers.


But the little town plods along at its usual slow pace, considering the allegations flung at it as merely distant noise from a lost spirit who had self-destructed.


For some, this little writing means absolutely nothing.


But to others, it may be very familiar.

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