Thursday, October 15, 2020

What Is Going On?

 Since the beginning of this virus, or so-called pandemic, I have had only one feeling and one thought.

The feeling I could not escape from: "There is more going on here than we're being told."
At the same time my thought was perfectly honest: "I don't know what to make of this."
Because of this second fact, I remained silent. There is nothing to say when one doesn't know. I did relate my feeling to people but I knew nothing to back it up.
That began when we had a 'temporary 2-week' shutdown'.
Now what is it? Eight or nine months?
I have received numerous videos from very reputable people that tell a different story than the one we're being force-fed everyday.
Doctors and scientists, it seems, are more and more starting to speak out.
Some of them, I believe, I have shared.
There is one video that I haven't quite finished watching (I have been watching it in 15 minutes segments) and if it is true, it could rock your very foundation.
I will post it when I am finished.
Today I received another video, from an elected BC politician, which follows the same line of thinking.
I think I can now declare, without much doubt at all, that we are being lied to over and over and over everyday. The same repetitive message drones from the corner just like in the book 1984.
In church, about 3 weeks ago, someone made this statement, "Ninety-five percent of the politicians give the other 5% a very bad name." That rings very, very true!
But now we are supposed to believe everything politicians say. What! They all suddenly became true and honest just like that! No, that is not believable at all.
I will post these videos as I am able. Be patient. After all, where else have you got to go?
I am thinking that as the days go by, we are going to become more and more divided. That's sad, but I believe it is true. I think it is already happening. Well no, it is already happening.
© Michael Bonner 2020

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